Why I Am A Christian

Why I Am A Christian

The audio for this series of talks can be accessed here: WHY I AM A CHRISTIAN

My name is Stephen, I’m the pastor of a small church in the Cape Town CBD. Yes, a pastor! That means I spend a lot of time teaching people about the Christian faith. Maybe it’s incredulous to you that educated modern people still believe in the existence of a divine being. Or maybe you think there might be a God out there, but your doubt often gets the better of you. Well, I doubt too. Often actually. If you’d allow me, I’d like to, in the midst of my doubt, share my story of belief with you. Over the course of four weeks I’d like to give you some of the reasons that I believe in God, and in the Christian depiction of God in particular. I want to invite you to join me on one or all of these Sunday evenings:

30 Jul – One Compelling Man
6 Aug – The Pieces Fit Together
13 Aug – It’ll be All Right in the End
20 Aug – I Believe Because I Believe

Drinks and snacks with live music by Mischa from 6pm. The service starts at 6:30pm.

7th Floor, 112 Loop Street, Cape Town.

The Evening Service is an ordinary Christian worship service that is simple and accessible. No frills, no fuss, and no trendy brand name. We’re not aiming to be the next hippest thing, but rather to provide a meaningful environment where you can come with your questions about life and faith. Each service will consist of a short time of music and a 30-minute sermon, followed by a time of Q&A where you can ask anything you want related to the topics discussed.