The two lost sons (The Prodigal God 2)
February 2, 2014

The two lost sons (The Prodigal God 2)

Passage: Luke 15:11-32

The third of Jesus’ three parables is the longest and most famous. It is a story about a family—a father, an older son, and a younger son. The story begins when the younger son comes to the father and says, “Give me my share of the estate.” In ancient times, when the father died, the oldest son always got “a double portion” of what any other child got. If there are two sons, the older would get two-thirds of the estate and so the younger would get one-third. So the story opens with the younger son asking for his one-third share of the inheritance. In this message we look at: 1) the meaning of the request, 2) the response to that request, and 3) what difference it makes for us.

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