Grace Abounds
August 6, 2017

Grace Abounds

Passage: Romans 5:12-21

In Romans 5, Paul speaks of the Christian's hope of glory. Many times we feel that our failings and sin are just too much too bear, often leaving us feeling very insecure in our relationship with God and our chances of every seeing His promised glory. In this passage, Paul shows us that even though our problem of sin is actually greater than we often realise, the redemptive grace he offers us in Jesus Christ is greater still - and the only real basis for our confidence as Christians.

In this series, we are hoping to help instill confidence in the God of the Bible by walking through Romans chapters 5-8, seeing how Paul teaches us the great reason Jesus gives us for having great confidence in God. Your confidence in God is going to swell, because your expectations of God are going to be rightly set and your experience of God is going to match up to those expectations.

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