The Gospel according to Daniel
February 19, 2017

The Gospel according to Daniel

Passage: Daniel 6:1-28

This is the sixth and final sermon in our series entitled Inside the Lion's Den. We've been looking at what it means to live faithfully as a Christian in a world that doesn't seem to follow God's agenda.

Daniel 6 brings up many of the same themes we have encountered in the preceding chapters. Daniel has taught us how, on occasion, to draw lines and oppose the culture on the basis of our faith convictions. It has taught us when to embrace the culture and all that is good in the culture around us. It has taught us how to cope when big powerful forces above us push us down and threaten to squash us. It has taught us, most of all, that if you are God's child, he will be with you through this entire ordeal.

In this talk we see how Daniel 6 teaches us the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ, because at the heart of all we have covered so far in this series is the truth that God rescues.

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