Lamentations - Hope in the Darkness

Lamentations – Hope in the Darkness

Lamentations is a dark book, perhaps the darkest book in the Bible. It’s a book that brings us face to face with evil, suffering, and the ugliness of human sin. It’s also book that forces us to think about the relationship between evil, suffering, and the reality of a loving God. Most of all the book pushes us towards Jesus, as we search for hope and healing in the dark and broken moments of our lives.

During the Lenten period we’re going to study this book together as we prepare our hearts and minds for Easter time. We hope that this series of sermons on Lamentations will help you to engage, both intellectually and emotionally, with these important topics, and go on to make Easter that much more meaningful for you this year.

Sundays, 16 March – 13 April, 5:30pm.

photo credit: gfpeck via photopin cc