East City Congregation Launch

East City Congregation

At Hope City our conviction has always been that the gospel word is a growing word. Any casual reading of the book of Acts immediately reveals this inherent quality of the gospel. Once in possession of this glorious news about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the early Christians naturally spread it far and wide with the result being the coming into existence of new churches. Church planting is a natural and necessary outworking of gospel ministry.

Right from the very beginning at Hope City we’ve always talked about how we want to be a church planting church, and so it’s with great joy that we can say that that day has finally arrived! God in his great mercy has seen fit to answer our prayers and now we are just months away from our first church plant. In the providence of the Lord, Wesley and Nicole Marshall came to us with a deep love for Christ and a desire to see that love spread throughout the East City neighbourhoods of Woodstock, Salt River, and Observatory. As a church we have sought to support, encourage, equip, and send them out to this ministry. We consider it an immense privilege to partner with them in the planting of Hope City Presbyterian: East City Congregation.

As the name of the church plant suggests, we will continue to work closely with them in establishing a vibrant worshipping community in the East City because we believe in the power and strength of our togetherness in the gospel. In this respect we want to call on the members of Hope City Presbyterian: City Bowl Congregation, to commit to praying for the Marshalls and the establishment of this work. You can also assist them by promoting the church to friends, family, and colleagues you might have, who live and work in the East City – any little bit of promotion helps.

You’ll notice that from now on when you type hopecity.co.za into your browser it takes you to a single page with links to both the City Bowl Congregation and the East City Congregation. Through this we hope to increase our online footprint and raise awareness of this new work. We would greatly appreciate you sharing this on your social media profiles. This year has been filled with uncertainty, but the future looks incredibly exciting. Let’s pray, that in the coming years, God might do exceedingly more than we can ask for or image through the Hope City family of churches.