Curate – Edition 01

In our technologically advanced age, we now have more access to Christian resources than ever before in history. This is an enormous blessing but also a significant challenge. The ease of access to blog posts, articles, sermons, and podcasts may be an unprecedented privilege but the sheer volume of material can be overwhelming. For it’s sometimes hard to determine whether the content is theologically robust or not. To help you navigate the world of online Christian media we’ve created Curate, a monthly guide to good articles, blog posts, sermons, podcasts and other internet-based content. We hope you use this guide to grow and mature in your faith through engaging with some of the great material that’s out there.

Our first edition is focused on the Easter theme. Easter allows Christians around the world to rejoice as we meditate on the centrepiece of our faith: the death and resurrection of Christ. In this edition of Curate we want to point you beyond hot cross buns and easter eggs and help you to engage with resources that will deepen your appreciation for this momentous event in human history. There really is no more important subject for us to give our concerted attention to. So we trust that these resources will bless you and bring home the profound glory of a crucified yet resurrected Messiah.


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