Sermon Series: Community


A New York Times article in December of 2016 reported a growing epidemic affecting at least 40% of the population in the United States. This particular condition is known to have dire physical, mental, and emotional consequences. Some symptoms include sleep disruption, accelerated cognitive decline, altered immune systems, higher levels of inflammation and stress hormones, and an increase in the risk of heart attack and stroke. What is this epidemic, this condition? Social isolation, otherwise commonly known as loneliness.

There is a mountain of social science research suggesting that people in technologically and culturally progressive western societies are becoming more and more disconnected from meaningful relationships with each other. We crave community, but find it less and less. More than ever we need to hear the Christian message about how the gospel word creates a gospel community of lives shared and lived together for God’s purposes in this world.

Becoming a Christian not only immediately thrusts you into a new spiritual community, it also calls you to live out this identity in a tangible, life on life community with other Christians. In this community you’ll find essential ingredients that help you know and love God more deeply, change and transform yourself more effectively, and help others to find this life giving community.

For 4 weeks we want to explore biblical community and how it helps us grow together, and grow towards God and his glorious gospel. The subject of community, in the Bible, brings a much needed, timely, and relevant word into our disconnected world.