Ordinary Justice Conference

In a world so wracked with inequality and injustice we can often feel useless, overwhelmed and paralyzed by the enormity of the task and complexity of the issues. Ordinary Justice aims to help us by connecting our faith with some very practical, simple, first steps towards becoming a more just people. God’s perfect justice and […]

Faith and Work Seminar

Faith and Work Seminar

Join us this coming Thursday for an evening of stories and discussion about what it means to truly integrate our Christian faith into our vocational lives. We’re privileged to have a team of people from Redeemer Presbyterian Church (NYC) leading the evening and sharing testimonies about how they integrate their faith and their work in […]

The Sea In Between

Screening: The Sea In Between

COST: Free DATE: Tuesday, 2 August (before Election Day) TIME: 7:30pm for 8pm (we’ll push play at 8) VENUE: 7th Floor, 112 Loop Street. ——— Come join us for a free screening of Josh Garrels and Mason Jar Music’s “The Sea In Between”.

Three Shades of Cape Town

Three Shades of Cape Town

Cape Town has a “coloured” history in more ways than one. For centuries different racial and ethnic groups have called this peninsula home. For centuries relationships between different races here have been subject to all sorts of social and power dynamics, often resulting in the privileging of one group over another, or the oppression of […]

3rd Birthday Party Rooftop Braai

Photo Gallery: 3rd Birthday Rooftop Braai

Here are a few snaps from our rooftop braai birthday party on Sunday after the service. This past Thursday, the 19th of March 2016, Hope City turned 3 years old. We’re grateful to the Lord for his faithfulness towards us and continue to look forward with great hope and confidence in him for the journey […]

1 Thessalonians - Open Letter To A Young Church

Open Letter To A Young Church

In the middle of this second term Hope City will turn 3 years old! We’re still a very young church in the early stages of our development. In light of this we’re going to spend the term looking at the book of 1 Thessalonians in a sermons series entitled, “Open Letter to a Young Church”. […]

Define Your Terms

Define Your Terms

DATE: 16 March 2016 TIME: 19:00 NB: Please note that although this event is FREE, you must book a ticket by following this link http://www.eventbrite.com/o/hope-city-presbyterian-church-9867312047 In many of our most heated arguments around race, power and privilege in South Africa today we fail to truly understand one another because, at the risk of sounding simplistic, […]

Why I Can't Be #ColourBlind

Why I Can’t Be #ColourBlind

Unless you’re hiding under a rock you’ve probably seen some sort of media coverage of the racial tensions and violence at TUKS and UFS. You’ve seen scenes of hatred, frustration, aggression, and deliberate racial violence. You’ve probably also seen a lot of polarising commentary. The poles feel like they’ve tragically moved even further apart this […]

Ash Wednesday 2016

Lent & Ash Wednesday

Lent at Hope City Presbyterian Lent is the 40 days (excluding Sundays) leading up to Easter, celebrated by the Church since at least the 4th century, if not earlier. Traditionally, it is a time that the church intentionally engages in a period of repentance and renewal as it prepares to celebrate Easter. Good Friday and […]

Hope Students

Hope Students

Hope Students is a Christian organisation committed to helping students engage with the nature of the Christian faith within the complex context that is South Africa today. We believe it is through honest dialogue, deep relationships and careful study of the Scriptures that a truly significant Christian faith will be forged in our county. Hope […]